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Leaf Lounge Square Glass

Our solid glass marble is a perfect gift for a cigar connoisseur. Made of solid marble, this custom ashtray is 1/ ½ thick. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and ideal for social gatherings. It accommodates up to

four cigars.

Price: $40.00

gLASS tOP Humidor

Glass Top Box (left side): Holds up to 20–25 cigars; genuine Spanish cedar wood; includes hygrometer.

Glass Top Humidor with 8 Reserve Cigars  $125.95

Glass Top Humidor without Cigars $65.95

  Woodronic Box  

Woodronic Box (right side): Clasp lock with walnut finish; lightweight; Spanish cedar lining; holds 10–20 cigars.

Woodronic Handmade Humidor with 4 Reserve Cigars  $80.95

Woodronic Handmade Humidor without Cigars $45.95

  Solid Beach Wood Box  

Solid Beach Wood Box (center): Snap closure on lid; ideal for engraving; holds up to 5 cigars.

Solid Beach Wood Humidor with 3 Reserve Cigars $60.95

Solid Beach Wood Humidor without Cigars $36.95

Leaf Lounge Gift Cards

Grab a gift card and load up to $200.00! Minimum load amount is $10.00.